Hugh Maynard – Something Inside So Strong

Hugh Maynard – Something Inside So Strong


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Hugh Maynard’s solo debut Album ‘Hugh Maynard – Something Inside So Strong’ is the self-produced album comprising a fantastic mix of songs inspired by the fans and professionals in the music industry; it includes an amazing range of rock, soul and musical theatre covers, all of Hugh’s own arrangement.

The track list includes a vibrant collection of rock, soul and musical theatre covers giving an amazing insight to the true talent of this performer.  Songs including:

  1. Something Inside So Strong
  2. Let’s Get It On
  3. Bring Him Home
  4. You’re The Voice
  5. Kiss from a Rose
  6. I Who Have Nothing
  7. When a Man Loves a Woman
  8. Get Here
  9. Creep
  10. Back at One
  11. Bui Doi
  12. Love Is On the Way

This is an album that is a must for fans of iconic classic songs and of Musical Theatre; Songs that increase your heart rate and make you want to hear more, they have a unique musical arrangement that are destined to delight all those who have an appreciation of music.     




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